The Rewards and Heartbreak of Home Care Nursing

Home care nursing can be a very rewarding experience. Nursing anywhere is rewarding. The death of a patient is always sad, but the one on one experience of home care nursing takes losing a patient to another level. In this blog I will share the lives of three of the most extraordinary people I had the privilege to know and love.

From patient to friend

When I met Michael, he was 22 years old. He had a C-4 spinal injury. This meant he had no feeling or movement below his shoulders. When I read his case file, it said Michael refused care 85% of the time. I never witnessed his refusal of care 85% of the time. Michael accepted my care, and after a few months, he accepted my friendship. Michael had no voice, but there was so much expression in his eyes when he ‘spoke.’ Michael began communicating with Morse Code by way of a computer. He was a photographer before and after a diving accident left him paralyzed. He loved music and we both shared a fondness for horror movies. I was dubbed his ‘scream sister’, by one of his older brothers. Michael inspired me to write about him because he touched so many people with his charm and his kindness. In my next post, I will share an essay I wrote, that Michael’s mother described as “a way to truly know Michael.”

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