Loving Chris

Tagged: I’m It

When I think of you it amazes me, that someone like you could exist.

It always takes my breath away, remembering the first time we kissed.

I think of your voice when you say my name, it always feels like a caress.

I have no free will left, no thoughts of my own, for now it’s my heart you possess.

I remember that day I looked on my page, the first time I looked in your eyes.

Wasn’t looking for romance, not looking for love, can’t believe I was caught by surprise

Going profile by profile, buying pet after pet, and having a whole lot of fun.

Seeing interests and matches which one did I want, I didn’t want anyone.

You said hello beautiful, are you single, you hoped I wasn’t playing a game.

I’d heard these words a lot before, but from you they weren’t the same.

You asked “can I know all about you”, I asked what you wanted to know.

I wasn’t sure what to answer to this, wasn’t sure how much I should show.

Then came that unexpected answer, the one word that made my heart sing.

The answer that grabbed me and trapped me, that word that you typed “everything.”

So here we are all these months later, and the time that we have has been long.

With nothing but texting and pictures, our relationship is really quite strong.

So here’s to the site that we met on, and to the words that you said that first night.

And to all the thoughts that said this was wrong, and the words that have

Proven it’s right.

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