Misty Mornings

Misty mornings make me think of him, not for any particular reason. Misty mornings make me think, and when I think, I think of him.


Thinking of You

In the morning and at night, in sunshine and in showers,
All I do is think of you and this goes on for hours.
I know there’s other things in life, that I should really do,
But even in the midst of it, there’s still the thoughts of you.
My mind is out of focus, my actions out of touch,
I guess it could be possible that, I think of you too much.
But when my mind is elsewhere, and things get really tough,
I figure when that happens, I’m not thinking of you enough.
But if thinking of you makes me happy, and not thinking of you makes me sad,
Then thinking about you all the time, there’s no way that can be bad.

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