Okay. Here I Go

I’m here because I joined the YMCA in November. It’s right around the corner and I have yet to make use of my, membership. I have been with WordPress a lot longer, have posted a few blogs, but though my computer is right in my living room, I have yet to maintain a steady blog. I decided to go public with blogging to conquer my fear of sharing, to toughen up, so to speak. Knowing I have an audience will encourage me to up my game. I read the blogs here and I admire everyone for their commitment. I want to feel the same way about myself. I will write about my progress in writing, and this I will sync to my fitness, so I will also write about that. I will always write about love and family and photography is another inspiring part of my life. Challenges. I hope to connect with all writers because I believe that everyone who isn’t me, can teach me.

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