My Granddaughter Said What?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Karma Chameleon.”

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I believe in God and His word. There are so many things I question in this world. How does this or that work? If I could afford it, I’ve often said, I’d be a professional student. There are also things I question in my family, especially the young people. I just wrote a post about a woman’s face in a picture with my granddaughter. Now I found this prompt about reincarnation. When a granddaughter (the older sister by 7 years of the granddaughter in the ‘face’ photo)was four, she told me that her mother had died. She said it like this, “Grandma. My mommy died. Not my mommy Nikki, my other mommy.” I said, “You don’t have another mommy.” She responded with, “I know, because she died. Not my mommy Nikki. My other mommy.” She left my room and I sat there wondering where the hell did she get that thought from. It bothered me, but I let it go. Then that following week she approached me again. “My mommy that died was in the water. Not my mommy in the room, my other mommy.” This time I discussed this with my daughter. She was as confused as I was. My daughter and were out with my granddaughter a few days later and when we returned we entered the living room. I turned on the TV. A pink screen popped up and as my daughter and I watched, I said “What’s that?” My daughter responded with, “I don’t know.” Just then my granddaughter walked by the TV, stopped, looked at the screen and said, “That’s a baby.” We laughed and I turned up the volume just as the narrator announced, ‘At this stage the embryo…’I don’t even remember the rest. My daughter and I stared at the child as the screen of the TV panned out to reveal the embryo. There were other conversations about the other mommy, and a sister, but what stands out the most is the explanation of the death of the other mommy. This was a few days after the TV comment. “My other mommy who died, not Nikki, she was in the water and we pulled her out and I was doing this…” She demonstrated CPR. Now this was a child who was not yet in school. Who never had a TV babysit her. She explained how she and her sister cried when their mommy died. After this last account, she never mentioned the other mommy again. At the time she was an only child. She gave so many details that I can’t even remember now. She was four. I asked her about that time a couple of years ago. She’s twenty now. She does not remember any of it.

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