Sharing My World

041514-sywbanner-1The last new place I visited was a place I dubbed Hemingway Island. It was more of a small cove somewhere in Ohio. I spent a weekend there, that started on Thursday.

it sees serenityThis was the view across the water.

As a writer, I write to the tune of inspiration. Fiction, nonfiction, short and long stories. Essays, magazine articles. I love it all.

With the love of writing, I have to say, sight is my favorite sense. So much of my inspiration stems from things I see.

Right now, in a room of 100 people, not many would be more satisfied than I am. It’s half past eleven on a Monday night. I am so pleased with myself for finishing a Monday blog,on a Monday night.

I am grateful that when I went to visit my 4 sisters, I also had surprise visits from a grandson, two sons, a brother and a nephew. Next week I’m looking forward to getting out in this crazy weather and taking pictures.

5 thoughts on “Sharing My World

  1. I love that you acknowledge one of your senses that brings you inspiration! It’s marvelous to be in tune with our senses. It hit me the other day just how much pleasure I get from seeing, too. I love color. Your view across the water is very engaging. As well as your appreciation for posting on a Monday night — I hear you!


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