Yet I  Remain. A Poem.

This is so touching, and very revealing.

en Route

Ive watched as Theyve all moved on, many long gone,

Yet I remain.

As theyve all grown up, began life,

Yet I remain.

I see perfection, opportunity, and my heart burns with jealousy,

Yet I remain.

Ive learned so much, dreams, aspirations, marginilized , relegated to a life that can no longer fulfill me, my happiness on hiatus,

Yet I remain.

Ive prayed, Ive begged, Ive pleaded, watching time slip by, terrified of losing my youth, the world is missing out on me, and I, the world,

Yet I remain.

Yet I remain, stagnated by one event, angry, pained, drained,

I remain.

***ive never really wrote a poem, hated it in school, couple blogs i follow on here inspired me tho so feedback would be appreciated!***

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One thought on “Yet I  Remain. A Poem.

  1. It sucks that people who do injustice can just move on like nothing happens, yet emotionally the victim remains stuck and miserable. But on the flip side, Karma bites ’em in the butt, and one day, they just won’t be able to withstand it.

    I can say that, because I’ve witnessed it.


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