Sanford Sr.Our father was in the Army where he fought in the Korean war and World War 2. He lived a life of turmoil, but thankfully, died peacefully in his sleep.

Uncle Tommy (2)Our Uncle Tommy served in World War 2. He was a fisherman who lived a quiet life until he died at Buffalo’s Veteran’s Hospital.

JacksonSL01c (1)Sanford Jr.Wall 3Our brother was in the Air Force, then the Army,  where he fought in the Dominican Republic. He was killed in Pleiku Province, South Vietnam.

JohnOur cousin, Jonathan was in the Army. He served during the Vietnam war. He was killed while on leave. He was protecting family.


angela christineOur Angela served during the war in Afghanistan. She was killed at home by someone whose freedom, she protected.

There are other military family members who have passed, whose pictures I don’t have right now. I hope to have more by Veteran’s Day, when there will be many more family members posted. Right now, this post is for Memorial Day, and Memorial Day is for our fallen heroes in this family, and every family around the world who have lost loved ones who wore a uniform. Soldiers, Firefighters, Police Officers, because that is what Memorial Day means.

The World’s Heroes

Our heroes  have fallen everywhere, at home and far away.

They’re in our hearts and on our mind, today and every day.

We pray for all the families, whom they have left behind.

We ask that God will strengthen every heart and every mind.

I want to dedicate this poem, to all the ones we’ve lost.

The one’s who kept our country free, and paid the highest cost.

So we honor all who’ve fallen, on foreign shores, and home.

The ones who are the bravest, the world has ever known.

And though they’re gone to glory, because they couldn’t stay.

We remember them now and always, on this Memorial Day.

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