Stealing Cars

I don’t have a driver’s license, never had one, but I steal cars as if it’s my job. My camera is my accomplice. We see them, we have to capture the image.


A Volkswagen in a nearly deserted parking lot, looked good in red. I glanced around, I saw no one. We stole it, my camera and I.

painted sky over PopeyesToo many cars here. I drive a little, but not enough to get out of a tight space. My camera, however, can get into almost any space.

This one tried to hide, We found it, we stole it.20150501_144128

One car thought it would disguise itself. It didn’t fool me or my camera, 20150719_104019and as you can see, we got it.

We don’t normally take pictures of cars with people in them, IMG_15341but this car was too cool to resist. ‘Nuff’ said.

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