Another Outing & At Home With Willie

It’s been a while since Willie and I took off. Big changes took place. Willie is now living in his first home. He calls it Granny’s house. He has no interest in going to his old house, so this was an easy transition. He already calls the room he sleeps in, “my room.” Tomorrow will be Willie’s first day back to school after more than a month off. He had a 3 week vacation, and then over a week to get a new bus. Willie had been saying “I don’t want to go to school” nearly every morning of his vacation. It has been a long time since he wanted to go to school. Willie’s transitions are so hard for him. It breaks my heart to watch his meltdowns. I won’t know how things will be for him tomorrow until I come home from work. He will either be at school, or at home, depending on his reaction. Our last outing was a few weeks ago, before the move. His oldest sister joined us on that one.

20150822_161939 (1)On the Metro rail.

20150822_153130Chocolate chip cookies at the mall.

20150822_162753Leaving the rail.

Willie and NayGoing to Family Dollar before heading home.

Willie and I have to figure out a new routine. From here, it’s not just a short walk to a park, or the Metro rail. We will get out though, it will just involve more buses. For now, let’s hope things go well tomorrow, with his first day back to school.

I think he feels he doesn’t need school.

Willie couch 3

SuperWhy WillieWillie couch 2

Willie SuperWhy 2He’s educating himself.

8 thoughts on “Another Outing & At Home With Willie

  1. This is an obvious transition for Willie, and you as well I’m sure. But the love, patients, and commitment you’re providing to helping Willie develop is priceless. And also inspiring


  2. I hope his “back to school” day went well. If it’s any help, tell him teachers are a bit frightened of the first day of school too. I know from over twenty years of “back to school” days. 🙂


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