Willie At Home

Well Willie has lost his school bus privileges until after Thanksgiving. There was a problem during a meltdown, a bus aide went to the E.R. and I’m wondering where the scratches on Willie’s face came from. More Scars for Willie

I do know that in Autism, a child will not feel disciplined if you hit him, he will feel attacked. I have been spending my hours between, napping for work, and working, up at Children’s Hospital. Another death, which I will write about soon. I noticed the scratches today, and then found out that he came home with them, the day he lost his bus privileges. I want home schooling for Willie, or a place where Autism is better understood, or at least, tolerated. There is now a request to put Willie in a harness, but also a soft helmet because he hits his head on walls, windows, floors. My heart aches for my grandson. He will say he doesn’t want to go to school, but then has a meltdown when he’s put off the bus and is left behind. We have been waiting this entire school year for Willie to be placed in another school, because the current school says they can no longer meet his needs. This is despite the fact that he has the best teacher this school year, than he’s ever had. She is great at re-direction and calming Willie, and he’s actually sounding out his words and growing his vocabulary. This teacher sent home a letter of introduction, and amazingly, asked what areas she needed to focus on with Willie and little books for the children to put pictures in that showed, their family structure, favorite foods, favorite animals, and favorite season. This is the first teacher that Willie answered ‘yes’ to, when asked if he likes her. My daughter is still looking for a house for her, Willie and his one sister. I don’t know if he’ll still be at the same school, or if he will be transitioning again, and leaving behind his great teacher with whom he’s developed such good rapport. What I do know is that Willie will be facing another battle, and will continue the good fight. Go team Willie.

6 thoughts on “Willie At Home

  1. I believe it is a good fight. But it must also be very draining on you and your family, including Willie. I hope he can keep his teacher, or get one just as good if he moves.


  2. You wrote something on one of my blogs about a silly 1st solo sailplane flight & me being brave. You my dear are the brave one!
    Praying for your journey! You are my inspiration!


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