Outings With Willie: A New Day

It’s the second day of a new school week. Willie woke again today saying he didn’t want to go to school. It was another morning where he was awake around 4:30 a.m. We have no idea why he wakes during these wee hours each night. He did return to sleep after about 40 minutes. This was better than returning to sleep minutes before the alarm goes off. He asked for Cheerios, which we don’t have…then he asked for chips which we did have. His choice of foods is so limited. Willie’s mom found articles regarding the effect of Autism on eating habits and it went a long way to support what we’d already figured out about Willie and his poor eating habits. Thus…chips for breakfast…or cookies…or pepperoni etc.

So anyway. Willie did decide he wanted to go to school after two very small servings of crushed up potato chips…the wavy ones because he suddenly didn’t want plain ones a couple of weeks after he didn’t want wavy ones and so on. He does keep us guessing. Willie asked for sausages which were packed into his book bag along with a small pack of chocolate chip muffins and his bears. The sausages will probably be eaten in school. The muffins will more than likely be brought home unopened to travel in his bag again tomorrow etc.

Willie was now ready to head out and await his bus. There was a light drizzle out there and Willie was feeling a little anxious about the bus not coming or having already left him. Then the bus arrived and Willie headed to school. A lot of mornings Willie will ask, “Is it a sunny day?” Well today started out with a beautiful sunrise and just like Willie’s smile…it brightened my entire day.




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