The Sign My Daddy Told Me About

After all the warmth. The spring like days in February and March. I knew better than to put away boots and shovels. Everyone knows that there are six more weeks to spring on February 2 whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not. Just count. Still some people were surprised on a warm March afternoon when I said we would get more snow.

day snow

My daddy told me when I was a kid that winter heads out of town after Saint Patrick’s day. That big or at least ground sticking snow that comes after March 17th is the one that gives me a sigh of the end of winter. Just last week we hit the 50 and 60 mark on our outdoor thermometers. We wore lighter jackets though I sported a winter cap because I suffered through a string of bad hair days and had no scarves. I think a lot about daddy because of the weather. He didn’t even have a high school education but he was very wise and always said common sense was the best sense to have. He said common sense was what made people wear jackets and long pants in February or March even if the temperature hit 70 or more because those were still winter months and that mattered in the parts of the world that got snow.

Sanford Sr.

So I’m looking at the sign my daddy told me about when I was 10 and always reminded me about year after year until he died.

night snow

There is maybe about an inch and a half of snow on the ground tonight and I’m pretty sure that the sun will sweep it away tomorrow. Then it may even warm up again before we get yet another snowfall. At any rate spring will arrive on March 20th. Snow will come and snow will go. The temperatures will rise and fall and daddy’s words of wisdom will reign on.

jeep with snow

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