No Resolutions…Just Goals

20181022_160615No Resolutions…just goals!

In 2019 I will write more and reach more readers than ever before. This is an attainable goal and I start here…

My 2019 Prayer for You Is…

That you respect yourself and demand respect from others.

That no matter what bad things happened to in your past, you will rise above them and conquer your future.

That you will put yourself first after God, without selfishness, so that you can give the best of yourself to others.

That you will keep your words clean so they will remind you to keep everything clean.

That you will not set a New Year’s resolution but set a goal to improve your world and the world itself.

That you will feel love towards all the people you meet and forgive the ignorance of those who do not feel the same way.

That you will always know what a beautiful, wonderful, amazing person you are and that you will ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

To all who reads this, to all who accepts this, to all who do not accept this…

Have an Amazing, Prosperous and Happy New Year!




6 thoughts on “No Resolutions…Just Goals

    1. The year of writing has been pretty good. Working on short stories, novels, other articles. I do intend to update my blogs also. Thank you so much for reaching out. For me, that’s encouraging and I hope your year has been going well.

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