My recent “wee” moment was an easy, but infrequent one. Taking a walk to a destination rather than riding in my son’s car, my daughter’s car, or a taxi. It was feeling the pavement on my feet for more than the time it takes to walk from a door to a car and back again. I would feel a breeze instead of air-conditioning. The day was hot, but I knew the breeze and the smell of nature would make it all comfortable. I was going shopping and to a UPS store and to a mailbox.

I had planned this out the night before. I knew I would miss the pickup at my closest mailbox, but the mailbox with the later pickup was right outside of the UPS store and the store I would shop at was a Family Dollar through a parking lot and across the street. I started my day with a shower and then a whole breakfast of fish, grits, eggs, toast, and coffee. I felt energized. I felt like “wee,” this is going to happen.

At the mailbox I dropped in an envelope full of research I’d done the day before, for an older sister, then I entered the UPS store. On my phone I pulled up the return label and handed the package to the clerk. It contained a too small jacket for a great grandson. Then I walked across the parking lot of a Dunkin Donuts to the street where I crossed over to Family Dollar.

Walking home I reflected on my thoughts of travel. Going places to take pictures. At home I look over past pictures of pre-covid-19 events. I thought about my covid-19 current events and realized that pictures are one of the constants I’ve always had. There is nothing static about pictures. Clouds are one of my favorite subjects. Wee moments always happen when I look up in the sky. It felt so good to walk somewhere for a change. To be outside. To take pictures. In the sky or on the ground.

3 thoughts on “SoCS

  1. I like how you appreciate the simple pleasures of your neighborhood like feeling a breeze on a hot day. It’s nice to have a store and UPS within walking distance.


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