Willie waiting for the school bus then.
Willie waiting for the school bus a few months ago.

This is what Willie has experienced over the past few years. It started with holiday celebrations. Willie has been suspended during Easter, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day. He has known about these holidays and anticipated returning to school and making crafts or coloring eggs with us, trying to explain that these activities would be over when he returned. He always insists that they will be there for him when he returns. He has been excluded from field trips for years, never having a chance to show if he’d be good during the outings. The last exclusion was his prom, with the school principal suggesting his mom keep him home because she couldn’t “tell” her to keep him home on a school day. She said he’d be placed in a different classroom if he did come to school. His mom sent him to school, and he was excluded from the prom. Willie enjoyed being with other kids. He misses them when he’s out for any reason; now, he will never see his classmates in school again. Even if we had the money to afford a lawyer, we wouldn’t send Willie back to a school where the principal has been attempting to oust him for years. We will move forward with trying to return structure and familiarity to Willie’s life. Team Willie will fight on.

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