No Masks Required

                                                                   It was a beautiful day in Buffalo. There was sun, a clear blue sky, and a shaded porch. I am sitting with my patient on her porch for the first time ever. I have been with her since before her first birthday. She turned 5 in April, and this is the first time we ever sat on her porch. Then here they come, well they didn’t exactly come, but there they were. Just there. I had to look twice because I was not sure if they were together. They weren’t social distancing, and they weren’t wearing masks, but … Continue reading No Masks Required


         .                              A Covid-19 Event: Willie turned 16 April 20th 2021 My Sugga Dugga turned 16. I asked Willie did he want to learn how to drive. He answered emphatically “No!” Willie’s only interest in cars is to keep track of the comings and goings of the cars in his driveway.  There’s a methodology to that also. Is Jha gone? Where’s Nay’s car? Is La’miya and Darren here? Where’s mommy? I have my methodical answers or questions. “Is Jha gone Willie?” Willie answers, “Yes,” if she’s gone. “No,” if she isn’t, followed by, “she leaving? Is Jha leaving?” I say, … Continue reading Willie@4Ever!

No Resolutions…Just Goals

No Resolutions…just goals! In 2019 I will write more and reach more readers than ever before. This is an attainable goal and I start here… My 2019 Prayer for You Is… That you respect yourself and demand respect from others. That no matter what bad things happened to in your past, you will rise above them and conquer your future. That you will put yourself first after God, without selfishness, so that you can give the best of yourself to others. That you will keep your words clean so they will remind you to keep everything clean. That you will … Continue reading No Resolutions…Just Goals

Outings With Willie: Updates

These days Willie and I travel together on increasingly seldom journeys. Willie has had 2 formal suspensions this year. The first in May for hurting a teacher’s assistant. His mom made an appearance at City Hall in front of CSE ( the Committee on Special Education). Willie returned to school and was suspended the day before Good Friday. He returned to school the first day after Easter break. He lasted a day and was again formally suspended for injuring a staff member. This time my daughter refused to go to City Hall. It proved to serve no purpose. It did … Continue reading Outings With Willie: Updates

The Sign My Daddy Told Me About

After all the warmth. The spring like days in February and March. I knew better than to put away boots and shovels. Everyone knows that there are six more weeks to spring on February 2 whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not. Just count. Still some people were surprised on a warm March afternoon when I said we would get more snow. My daddy told me when I was a kid that winter heads out of town after Saint Patrick’s day. That big or at least ground sticking snow that comes after March 17th is the one that gives … Continue reading The Sign My Daddy Told Me About