The One That Got Away: Not Really

This is the Weekend One Warrior blog, the write whatever assignment. Well I’m writing about the assignment I missed. The ‘Say Your Name’ blog. I was just reviewing 101 and there it was, the one that got away. So I read the interesting post, the clever input provided and realized my title is…well…not even a title. It’s a pen name. So now I’m sitting here with songs, movies, books and various antics of family members dancing in my head like leftover Christmas wrapping. Pretty paper, but hey, it’s January. I do have other sites that house blogs, poetry and even … Continue reading The One That Got Away: Not Really

Hello Neighbors

Okay, so here I am still awake at 3p.m. after working all night and I have found more than five blogs to follow, all of which captivated my fatigued brain cells. There’s not enough cells left awake right now to be witty, but there were enough of them awake to read The Mom in Black, Write Meg!, Leaf and Twig, I Kissed My Date Goodnight, Spontaneous Tomato, Clicky Chick Creates and a couple of others. I really enjoyed this assignment. I’ve always enjoyed meeting new and interesting people. Now I can even follow them without being accused of stalking. Well … Continue reading Hello Neighbors

Okay. Here I Go

I’m here because I joined the YMCA in November. It’s right around the corner and I have yet to make use of my, membership. I have been with WordPress a lot longer, have posted a few blogs, but though my computer is right in my living room, I have yet to maintain a steady blog. I decided to go public with blogging to conquer my fear of sharing, to toughen up, so to speak. Knowing I have an audience will encourage me to up my game. I read the blogs here and I admire everyone for their commitment. I want … Continue reading Okay. Here I Go

The Wait

          The Wait The last time that I saw you, I sat right down and cried. I felt my heart inside me, had shriveled up and died. You stood there waving at me, cause you were going away. I didn’t think that I could live without you for one day. I sit alone day after day and night after lonely night. So many things just feel so wrong, so few things feel so right. It’s been this way for 9 long months, I miss you so damned much. I want to see your handsome face I want to feel your … Continue reading The Wait

Misty Mornings

Misty mornings make me think of him, not for any particular reason. Misty mornings make me think, and when I think, I think of him. Thinking of You In the morning and at night, in sunshine and in showers, All I do is think of you and this goes on for hours. I know there’s other things in life, that I should really do, But even in the midst of it, there’s still the thoughts of you. My mind is out of focus, my actions out of touch, I guess it could be possible that, I think of you too … Continue reading Misty Mornings

Loving Chris

Tagged: I’m It When I think of you it amazes me, that someone like you could exist. It always takes my breath away, remembering the first time we kissed. I think of your voice when you say my name, it always feels like a caress. I have no free will left, no thoughts of my own, for now it’s my heart you possess. I remember that day I looked on my page, the first time I looked in your eyes. Wasn’t looking for romance, not looking for love, can’t believe I was caught by surprise Going profile by profile, buying … Continue reading Loving Chris

The Rewards and Heartbreak of Home Care Nursing

Home care nursing can be a very rewarding experience. Nursing anywhere is rewarding. The death of a patient is always sad, but the one on one experience of home care nursing takes losing a patient to another level. In this blog I will share the lives of three of the most extraordinary people I had the privilege to know and love. From patient to friend When I met Michael, he was 22 years old. He had a C-4 spinal injury. This meant he had no feeling or movement below his shoulders. When I read his case file, it said Michael … Continue reading The Rewards and Heartbreak of Home Care Nursing

My Love

My Love My phone makes a noise when a message comes through I check every time in case it’s from you Right now you’re away in some faraway place, so I close my eyes and I picture your face I whisper your name and hope that you hear I squeeze my pillow and pretend that you’re near I look out my window at the stars up above, and Ask for your safety “please protect my love” I try not to cry, I try to be strong I listen and listen to your favorite song Forever and for always you’ll stay … Continue reading My Love