Don’t say that you miss me, just because I miss you. Don’t tell me you love me, if it isn’t true. Don’t send me the kisses, you send someone else. Don’t put yourself out there, while I’m on a shelf. Don’t let me shed tears for you, night after night. Don’t give me false hope, because that’s just not right. Don’t let me pray for you, to heaven above. Don’t let me feel sadness, as I feel this love. Don’t think that these feelings, are going away. Don’t think I won’t love you, til my dying day. Don’t think I … Continue reading Don’t


And If Only And if only the years were between twenty and forty And if only we had lived in the same city And if only we had boarded the same plane And if only we had shared a cab And if only we had shopped at the same store And if only we had lived in the same neighborhood And if only you had been the boy next door And if only that simple twist of fate had not been so cruel Continue reading AND if ONLY

She’s Fighting For Her Freedom: Who The Hell Am I Here?

There are times when I miss the bliss of ignorance…the contentment of giving up hope…the calm of not caring. I can’t even remember myself before our first conversation. What was I doing? How did I spend my time? I was going on Tagged…happily…not…sharing my time…or my life…or my personal details with any of the men to whom I talked. I never complicated anything…in any way. I would have been bored…but not to the point of desperation…alone…but not to the point of being lonely. I was okay…not…thinking about being held…or being kissed. I did not have fantasies about being with a … Continue reading She’s Fighting For Her Freedom: Who The Hell Am I Here?

Hello Dream Reader. You Know Who You Are.

Hello You. I have to tell you how much I am enjoying this blogging 101. I contribute this to knowing you and the inspirational influence you have had on me for more than 18 months. I have written blogs, poems and letters filled with imagery we’ve never shared, kisses we’ve never felt and the pain we’ve often endured. There are times that I have been so tired from the emotional turbulence of our lives, that all I’ve wanted to do is sleep. Continue reading Hello Dream Reader. You Know Who You Are.

You Are The One

When I feel that I’m weak, you make me feel stronger. When my happiness is brief, you make it last longer. When I feel that it’s too dark, you bring in the light. When I feel that it’s all wrong, you always make it right. When I’ve fallen down, you help me to stand. When I reach out cause I’m lost, you give me your hand. When I feel my wings are broken, and I want to cry. You’re the one who reminds me, that I can still fly. When I feel I cannot tell a lie from what is … Continue reading You Are The One