The Sign My Daddy Told Me About

After all the warmth. The spring like days in February and March. I knew better than to put away boots and shovels. Everyone knows that there are six more weeks to spring on February 2 whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not. Just count. Still some people were surprised on a warm March afternoon when I said we would get more snow. My daddy told me when I was a kid that winter heads out of town after Saint Patrick’s day. That big or at least ground sticking snow that comes after March 17th is the one that gives … Continue reading The Sign My Daddy Told Me About


Our father was in the Army where he fought in the Korean war and World War 2. He lived a life of turmoil, but thankfully, died peacefully in his sleep. Our Uncle Tommy served in World War 2. He was a fisherman who lived a quiet life until he died at Buffalo’s Veteran’s Hospital. Our brother was in the Air Force, then the Army,  where he fought in the Dominican Republic. He was killed in Pleiku Province, South Vietnam. Our cousin, Jonathan was in the Army. He served during the Vietnam war. He was killed while on leave. He was protecting family. … Continue reading Heroes

Why Does His Grass Look Better Than Mine?

This blog was inspired by reading A Coffee Break With Mike and his post “The Grass Isn’t Always Greener.” After reading Mike’s, as always, very interesting post, I thought about how I’d just said to one of my sisters, that I wished I could visit the places my fellow bloggers on WordPress, live or visit. I commented on the great photos they always post. It was then I realized that I’m always snapping pictures. Walking down streets, riding on buses, even riding in cars. Obviously, there are sights right here at home that attract my eyes. I live close to … Continue reading Why Does His Grass Look Better Than Mine?

Always On My Mind

12 years ago today, my beautiful niece was murdered by her boyfriend’s brother. It was the forth murder involving a family member, in my lifetime. People sometimes ask ‘do you remember what you were doing when…blah blah blah. I remember that day because it was my patient’s mother’s birthday, and I was at work when I got the call.Today brings the memories back of my brother and his ex-wife coming to Niagara Falls to arrange their daughter’s funeral. It brings to mind the trial that my brother could not be a part of, as my sister-in-law traveled constantly from Virginia … Continue reading Always On My Mind

I Wonder What It Would Be Like To Be a Tree?

Last year my son L.D. came up with this concept and asked me to turn it into a story. Here is the result of our collaboration. A tree stands tall in a field, and every now and then it drops a leaf on the flowers below. The tree thinks, “I wonder what it would be like to be a flower?” After ten years the field is cleared for housing. The tree is felled, up-rooted and removed. It returns as a flower, never knowing it was once a tree. The flower sits in a garden, adding to its beauty to its … Continue reading I Wonder What It Would Be Like To Be a Tree?

MySpace Blog: When I Was Me Before pt. 2

…never blog with your eyes closed… Current mood: creative …it’s never as late as you think…time doesn’t fly…it moves at a grounded pace…if you stand still long enough…you can watch it’s progress…just remember…while you’re making plans…time is not static…it’s moving all the time…subtle as the clouds…but moving none-the-less… Continue reading MySpace Blog: When I Was Me Before pt. 2

She’s Fighting For Her Freedom

   She’s there again, fighting for her freedom. She’s beating at the cage behind my eyes, inside my head, squeezed between my brain cells. Bits and pieces of her ooze between synapses. I did tell her I would start another blog for her. I’m still working on my own. Trying to build a following, trying to learn ping backs, featured imaging, links. I’m trying to be visible here. Generate interests. Support my fellow bloggers, keep up with comments. Everyone is so interesting, and I lag behind on my own posts, but she is persistent. I’m warm and fuzzy mostly, she … Continue reading She’s Fighting For Her Freedom