Originally posted on Grady P Brown – Author: I saw on the news that a 10 year old autistic boy was arrested for kicking his teacher. As an autism ambassador, I am completely appalled by how the so-called police handled the situation. I was in that kid’s situation when I was his age. Back then I had little to no control over my emotions and impulses and there have been people who were cruel to me as a result. Rather than accommodate the child to calm him down they outright arrest him like a common criminal. I am officially… Continue reading AN AUTISTIC CHILD GOT ARRESTED!

cees-odd-ball-photo-challenge I always enjoy Cee’s challenges, always commit to entering them…never follow through…well this week I’m already at my computer and ‘not’ writing as usual. Thank you Cee, for the inspiration. Here are my photos for your post… Willie and his magnifying glass. A moth’s visit. Reflections at a car window. The Eiffel tower is my phone case. Dueling cats. Siblings, Blondie and Chip. No one was hurt. The creature in the remnants of a cocoa cup. Continue reading cees-odd-ball-photo-challenge

Yet I  Remain. A Poem.

Originally posted on en Route:
Ive watched as Theyve all moved on, many long gone, Yet I remain. As theyve all grown up, began life, Yet I remain. I see perfection, opportunity, and my heart burns with jealousy, Yet I remain. Ive learned so much, dreams, aspirations, marginilized , relegated to a life that can no longer fulfill me, my happiness on hiatus, Yet I remain. Ive prayed, Ive begged, Ive pleaded, watching time slip by, terrified of losing my youth, the world is missing out on me, and I, the world, Yet I remain. Yet I remain, stagnated by… Continue reading Yet I ┬áRemain. A Poem.