Stealing Cars

I don’t have a driver’s license, never had one, but I steal cars as if it’s my job. My camera is my accomplice. We see them, we have to capture the image. . A Volkswagen in a nearly deserted parking lot, looked good in red. I glanced around, I saw no one. We stole it, my camera and I. Too many cars here. I drive a little, but not enough to get out of a tight space. My camera, however, can get into almost any space. This one tried to hide, We found it, we stole it. One car¬†thought it … Continue reading Stealing Cars

Why Does His Grass Look Better Than Mine?

This blog was inspired by reading A Coffee Break With Mike and his post “The Grass Isn’t Always Greener.” After reading Mike’s, as always, very interesting post, I thought about how I’d just said to one of my sisters, that I wished I could visit the places my fellow bloggers on WordPress, live or visit. I commented on the great photos they always post. It was then I realized that I’m always snapping pictures. Walking down streets, riding on buses, even riding in cars. Obviously, there are sights right here at home that attract my eyes. I live close to … Continue reading Why Does His Grass Look Better Than Mine?