She’s Fighting For Her Freedom: Who The Hell Am I Here?

There are times when I miss the bliss of ignorance…the contentment of giving up hope…the calm of not caring. I can’t even remember myself before our first conversation. What was I doing? How did I spend my time? I was going on Tagged…happily…not…sharing my time…or my life…or my personal details with any of the men to whom I talked. I never complicated anything…in any way. I would have been bored…but not to the point of desperation…alone…but not to the point of being lonely. I was okay…not…thinking about being held…or being kissed. I did not have fantasies about being with a … Continue reading She’s Fighting For Her Freedom: Who The Hell Am I Here?

MySpace Blog: When I Was Me Before pt. 2

…never blog with your eyes closed… Current mood: creative …it’s never as late as you think…time doesn’t fly…it moves at a grounded pace…if you stand still long enough…you can watch it’s progress…just remember…while you’re making plans…time is not static…it’s moving all the time…subtle as the clouds…but moving none-the-less… Continue reading MySpace Blog: When I Was Me Before pt. 2

She’s Fighting For Her Freedom

   She’s there again, fighting for her freedom. She’s beating at the cage behind my eyes, inside my head, squeezed between my brain cells. Bits and pieces of her ooze between synapses. I did tell her I would start another blog for her. I’m still working on my own. Trying to build a following, trying to learn ping backs, featured imaging, links. I’m trying to be visible here. Generate interests. Support my fellow bloggers, keep up with comments. Everyone is so interesting, and I lag behind on my own posts, but she is persistent. I’m warm and fuzzy mostly, she … Continue reading She’s Fighting For Her Freedom

Sharing My World

The last new place I visited was a place I dubbed Hemingway Island. It was more of a small cove somewhere in Ohio. I spent a weekend there, that started on Thursday. This was the view across the water. As a writer, I write to the tune of inspiration. Fiction, nonfiction, short and long stories. Essays, magazine articles. I love it all. With the love of writing, I have to say, sight is my favorite sense. So much of my inspiration stems from things I see. Right now, in a room of 100 people, not many would be more satisfied … Continue reading Sharing My World