My Granddaughter Said What?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Karma Chameleon.” I believe in God and His word. There are so many things I question in this world. How does this or that work? If I could afford it, I’ve often said, I’d be a professional student. There are also things I question in my family, especially the young people. I just wrote a post about a woman’s face in a picture with my granddaughter. Now I found this prompt about reincarnation. When a granddaughter (the older sister by 7 years of the granddaughter in the ‘face’ photo)was four, she told … Continue reading My Granddaughter Said What?

The One That Got Away: Not Really

This is the Weekend One Warrior blog, the write whatever assignment. Well I’m writing about the assignment I missed. The ‘Say Your Name’ blog. I was just reviewing 101 and there it was, the one that got away. So I read the interesting post, the clever input provided and realized my title is…well…not even a title. It’s a pen name. So now I’m sitting here with songs, movies, books and various antics of family members dancing in my head like leftover Christmas wrapping. Pretty paper, but hey, it’s January. I do have other sites that house blogs, poetry and even … Continue reading The One That Got Away: Not Really

Hello Dream Reader. You Know Who You Are.

Hello You. I have to tell you how much I am enjoying this blogging 101. I contribute this to knowing you and the inspirational influence you have had on me for more than 18 months. I have written blogs, poems and letters filled with imagery we’ve never shared, kisses we’ve never felt and the pain we’ve often endured. There are times that I have been so tired from the emotional turbulence of our lives, that all I’ve wanted to do is sleep. Continue reading Hello Dream Reader. You Know Who You Are.

Hello Neighbors

Okay, so here I am still awake at 3p.m. after working all night and I have found more than five blogs to follow, all of which captivated my fatigued brain cells. There’s not enough cells left awake right now to be witty, but there were enough of them awake to read The Mom in Black, Write Meg!, Leaf and Twig, I Kissed My Date Goodnight, Spontaneous Tomato, Clicky Chick Creates and a couple of others. I really enjoyed this assignment. I’ve always enjoyed meeting new and interesting people. Now I can even follow them without being accused of stalking. Well … Continue reading Hello Neighbors

Okay. Here I Go

I’m here because I joined the YMCA in November. It’s right around the corner and I have yet to make use of my, membership. I have been with WordPress a lot longer, have posted a few blogs, but though my computer is right in my living room, I have yet to maintain a steady blog. I decided to go public with blogging to conquer my fear of sharing, to toughen up, so to speak. Knowing I have an audience will encourage me to up my game. I read the blogs here and I admire everyone for their commitment. I want … Continue reading Okay. Here I Go