Willie and the Unbearable Bear Crisis

Willie is out of school on injury leave right now. He has been diagnosed with Knee Effusion, or water on the knee. As near as we can tell, there is something wrong inside his knee. This, however, is a separate incident from the bear crisis. Once upon a time Willie had four bears, a big bear, a smaller bear, a chef bear and a spotted   pink bear (really, a Cheetah) but any way…   Willie started acting out the three bears story and after a while, instead of setting the chef bear aside, the chef bear was tossed into … Continue reading Willie and the Unbearable Bear Crisis

Willie’s Back In School

Willie had been out of school for more than a month. During that time, Willie, his mom and his sisters moved in with me. Changes that were easier because this is Willie’s first home. Willie had not wanted to return to school, so I was concerned with the transition. He’d never been out of school for more than 2 weeks, now he’d have a new bus driver and a new bus aide. Willie stood at the door and said he wanted to go on a plane and go to school. But then I guess he thought about it. He decided … Continue reading Willie’s Back In School

MySpace Blog: When I Was Me Before pt. 2

…never blog with your eyes closed… Current mood: creative …it’s never as late as you think…time doesn’t fly…it moves at a grounded pace…if you stand still long enough…you can watch it’s progress…just remember…while you’re making plans…time is not static…it’s moving all the time…subtle as the clouds…but moving none-the-less… Continue reading MySpace Blog: When I Was Me Before pt. 2

She’s Fighting For Her Freedom

   She’s there again, fighting for her freedom. She’s beating at the cage behind my eyes, inside my head, squeezed between my brain cells. Bits and pieces of her ooze between synapses. I did tell her I would start another blog for her. I’m still working on my own. Trying to build a following, trying to learn ping backs, featured imaging, links. I’m trying to be visible here. Generate interests. Support my fellow bloggers, keep up with comments. Everyone is so interesting, and I lag behind on my own posts, but she is persistent. I’m warm and fuzzy mostly, she … Continue reading She’s Fighting For Her Freedom

Writing With Pen and Paper: Daily Prompt

This is a given for me. Doing this, typing my words as I think them, this is hard. I am a hunt and peck person so typing takes time. If I tried to type a story, I’d lose the idea while typing the title. So pen and paper has always been my method. Besides, I love the feel of my words as they flow from my fingers. I have so much written in long hand and I never tire of writing that way. I will never tire of writing that way. Continue reading Writing With Pen and Paper: Daily Prompt

The One That Got Away: Not Really

This is the Weekend One Warrior blog, the write whatever assignment. Well I’m writing about the assignment I missed. The ‘Say Your Name’ blog. I was just reviewing 101 and there it was, the one that got away. So I read the interesting post, the clever input provided and realized my title is…well…not even a title. It’s a pen name. So now I’m sitting here with songs, movies, books and various antics of family members dancing in my head like leftover Christmas wrapping. Pretty paper, but hey, it’s January. I do have other sites that house blogs, poetry and even … Continue reading The One That Got Away: Not Really