Stealing Cars

I don’t have a driver’s license, never had one, but I steal cars as if it’s my job. My camera is my accomplice. We see them, we have to capture the image. . A Volkswagen in a nearly deserted parking lot, looked good in red. I glanced around, I saw no one. We stole it, my camera and I. Too many cars here. I drive a little, but not enough to get out of a tight space. My camera, however, can get into almost any space. This one tried to hide, We found it, we stole it. One car thought it … Continue reading Stealing Cars


And If Only And if only the years were between twenty and forty And if only we had lived in the same city And if only we had boarded the same plane And if only we had shared a cab And if only we had shopped at the same store And if only we had lived in the same neighborhood And if only you had been the boy next door And if only that simple twist of fate had not been so cruel Continue reading AND if ONLY

I Wonder What It Would Be Like To Be a Tree?

Last year my son L.D. came up with this concept and asked me to turn it into a story. Here is the result of our collaboration. A tree stands tall in a field, and every now and then it drops a leaf on the flowers below. The tree thinks, “I wonder what it would be like to be a flower?” After ten years the field is cleared for housing. The tree is felled, up-rooted and removed. It returns as a flower, never knowing it was once a tree. The flower sits in a garden, adding to its beauty to its … Continue reading I Wonder What It Would Be Like To Be a Tree?