And If Only And if only the years were between twenty and forty And if only we had lived in the same city And if only we had boarded the same plane And if only we had shared a cab And if only we had shopped at the same store And if only we had lived in the same neighborhood And if only you had been the boy next door And if only that simple twist of fate had not been so cruel Continue reading AND if ONLY

Hello Dream Reader. You Know Who You Are.

Hello You. I have to tell you how much I am enjoying this blogging 101. I contribute this to knowing you and the inspirational influence you have had on me for more than 18 months. I have written blogs, poems and letters filled with imagery we’ve never shared, kisses we’ve never felt and the pain we’ve often endured. There are times that I have been so tired from the emotional turbulence of our lives, that all I’ve wanted to do is sleep. Continue reading Hello Dream Reader. You Know Who You Are.

The Wait

          The Wait The last time that I saw you, I sat right down and cried. I felt my heart inside me, had shriveled up and died. You stood there waving at me, cause you were going away. I didn’t think that I could live without you for one day. I sit alone day after day and night after lonely night. So many things just feel so wrong, so few things feel so right. It’s been this way for 9 long months, I miss you so damned much. I want to see your handsome face I want to feel your … Continue reading The Wait