Don’t say that you miss me, just because I miss you. Don’t tell me you love me, if it isn’t true. Don’t send me the kisses, you send someone else. Don’t put yourself out there, while I’m on a shelf. Don’t let me shed tears for you, night after night. Don’t give me false hope, because that’s just not right. Don’t let me pray for you, to heaven above. Don’t let me feel sadness, as I feel this love. Don’t think that these feelings, are going away. Don’t think I won’t love you, til my dying day. Don’t think I … Continue reading Don’t

Tick Tock

Counting hours that turn into days, my love for you in so many ways, Becomes like the ticking of a clock. The seconds pass, then the hours pass too, days upon days when I think of you, Becomes like the ticking of a clock. From daylight to nightfall, from dusk to dawn, the love from you that I depend upon, Becomes like the ticking of a clock. Patiently waiting for the day we meet, the sound I hear as my heart skips a beat, Becomes like the ticking of a clock. I walk on beaches, I walk down my street, … Continue reading Tick Tock

Misty Mornings

Misty mornings make me think of him, not for any particular reason. Misty mornings make me think, and when I think, I think of him. Thinking of You In the morning and at night, in sunshine and in showers, All I do is think of you and this goes on for hours. I know there’s other things in life, that I should really do, But even in the midst of it, there’s still the thoughts of you. My mind is out of focus, my actions out of touch, I guess it could be possible that, I think of you too … Continue reading Misty Mornings

My Love

My Love My phone makes a noise when a message comes through I check every time in case it’s from you Right now you’re away in some faraway place, so I close my eyes and I picture your face I whisper your name and hope that you hear I squeeze my pillow and pretend that you’re near I look out my window at the stars up above, and Ask for your safety “please protect my love” I try not to cry, I try to be strong I listen and listen to your favorite song Forever and for always you’ll stay … Continue reading My Love