She’s Fighting For Her Freedom

   last stopShe’s there again, fighting for her freedom. She’s beating at the cage behind my eyes, inside my head, squeezed between my brain cells. Bits and pieces of her ooze between synapses. I did tell her I would start another blog for her. I’m still working on my own. Trying to build a following, trying to learn ping backs, featured imaging, links. I’m trying to be visible here. Generate interests. Support my fellow bloggers, keep up with comments. Everyone is so interesting, and I lag behind on my own posts, but she is persistent. I’m warm and fuzzy mostly, she is direct and honest. I’m fearful, she couldn’t care any less than she does about making her thoughts public. She will probably get the attention I think I want, but always shy away from. I do admire her. She has a kitchen blog. She speaks up during meal preparation. She keeps me honest and on point and she wants us to share here, anywhere, what we share while cooking. She’s fighting for her freedom, and if she doesn’t get it soon, we’ll both be lost.

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