Trick or Treat Willie

So our community had a Halloween trail on in it’s business section. The day before Halloween, there was trick or treating at Willie’s school. He went as a vampire.


He left his cape in school and brought home a lot of candy that he opened, but fortunately, did not eat. This was Friday, and now he needed another cape for Halloween.
Willie’s mother found one cape Friday evening and a set of teeth. So Saturday, Willie had all he needed to be a vampire.
I had ordered zombie make up but I  wasn’t sure if Willie would allow his face to be made up, and I was doubtful that he’d want those teeth in his mouth. I just hoped he’d keep the teeth in long enough for me to get a picture.
My Willie is so amazing and unpredictable. He allowed the make up to be applied by his sister, and he liked the teeth. 


Willie went trick or treating with me and his sister, in and out of businesses and he did great.




Willie is my all-time favorite vampire because he’s the coolest vampire I know.

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