Willie At Home

A lot has been going on with Willie. He returns to school Monday from Christmas vacation, and he will be wearing his helmet and harness. With all the bus difficulties, they’ve switched bus aides. Willie now has the bus aide he started with in September…already there has been less complaints. Compatibility is everything.

I was concerned about the harness…but the bus aide had the right idea…she told Willie it was his new bus uniform and he accepted it with no issues…the helmet he wears…but…he doesn’t like it…he tried to break it…but now seems to have accepted it.

Willie school ready

Before Christmas break, Willie’s class had a party…and a visit from Santa. Willie did very well with this.

willie and santa (2)

Neither the helmet…the harness…or the visit with Santa could hold a candle to the biggest change in Willie’s life…becoming an uncle.

dug mia nay (2)

Now that’s what I call…’the look of love’. His little niece is so precious to Willie. Right now he freaks out whenever she leaves…but earlier today…he got over it faster. He’s starting to accept her departures because he realizes…she’ll always come back home.

mia love





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